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Moving out Sale! Muffin’s New List!

Items available:


  1. 2004 MINI COOPER AUTO R50 (mileage: 38,390Km)          $22,500

    Home Appliances & Electronics:

  2. Samsung Refrigerator (model:SR210NME)                                                            $295
  3. NEC Washing Machine (available after 17 March’10)                                      $255
  4. HP Touch Screen Computer IQ770 series                                                              $455
  5. SONY VAIO Laptops (VGN-AR28G or VGN-UX57)                                             $900, $500 (respectively)
  6. SONY Cordless Headphones MDRIF240RK                                                           $75
  7. SONY VAIO PC Speaker VGP-SP100                                                                          $65
  8. SONY Alpha Camera Lens SAL1870 BRAND NEW                                          $95
  9. NILFISK Coupe Vacuum Cleaner                                                                              $69
  10. HITACHI GPS system                                                                                                      $229
  11. 26” SONY LCDTV(KLV-S26)                                                                                             $399
  12. Mistral Iron + Ironing Board                                                                                     $20
  13. Laundry Rack                                                                                                                     $8
  14. Mistral Small Heater                                                                                                        $12
  15. SiverStorm Rotating Halogen Heater                                                                     $20

  16. IKEA Queen sized Bed-Frame + Mattress + Mattress Protector        $499
  17. 2x IKEA Bedside Table                                                                                                   $30
  18. 2x IKEA Mushroom Bedside Lamp Originally $39each                                  $30
  19. IKEA TV Stand (Birch)                                                                                                     $20        
  20. IKEA Small TV Stand (White) EINA Beside Table $45                                       $19
  21. IKEA Big TV Stand (Big) LEKSVIK TV Bench $279                                             $79        
  22. IKEA Dining Table + 4 Chairs (with Cushion)                                                    $199
  23. 2x Wooden Bar-top High Chairs                                                                                 $49
  24. IKEA Multi-purpose Side Table (Black)                                                                    $25


  25. Snow Boots (1xMale-size8, 1x Female-size6)                                                        $45
  26. Crystal Wine Glass                                                                                                             $9
  27. Rice Cooker                                                                                                                          $18
  28. Ringgrip Floor Standing Fan                                                                                           $15



Muffin’s selling a Beloved MINI Cooper too!

Hi everyone. As mentioned earlier, I am leaving Sydney soon. Thus will have to say goodbye t my beloved MINI Cooper. It’s been taken care of really well so you needn’t worry about the condition of the car (Lady Owned).

The car was purchased in September 2008 and was previously owned by another lady who hardly drove the car. When i purchased the car, I was a mature UNI student. After graduating in August 2009, I became a homemaker and only use the car between 2-3 times a week, as I preferred to be chaufeurred around by my husband in his car 🙂 

Here are some of the main details for the car.
Year: 2004
Mileage clocked: 38,395km
Transmission: Automatic
Colour: Midnight Blue
Price: A$22,500

Please contact me at +61 449953097 or email me at, if you are interested in the car. 

Muffin’s Selling household items

I am moving from Sydney and would like to sell a few items that I currently have at home. (All items are in AUD).
These include:

1) 1x Samsung Refrigerator (Original Price: $599. Selling at $295). 
2) 1x NEC Washing Machine (Original Price: $499. Selling at $255).
3) 1x NILFISK Vaccum Cleaner (Original Price: $179. Selling at $49).
4) 1x IKEA Queen Size MALM Bedframe with Mattress (Original Price: $968. Selling at $499) with Free Mattress proctector. Can be sold separately.
5) 2x Wooden High Chairs for a Bar top counter (Original Price: $158. Selling at $50).
6) 1x IKEA Dining table with 4 chairs (Original Price: $349. Selling at $199) (decorations on table sold separately).
7) 1x IKEA Desk for a Study Room (Original Price: $169. Selling at $99)

 Please contact me if you are interested in any of these items.

Name: Lindsay
mobile #: +61 449953097